Trieste's Birthday

We have been constantly told that Trieste is old, and we ended up believing it. 
What has been done in the last years for the town – and especially what has not been done – is mainly due to this commonplace exclusively based on the demographic data. It’s true that the average age of the population is getting higher and higher, also due to the lack of social policy encouraging youth not to emigrate. But TS4 is willing to start from another premise: Trieste is a young city because its specific identity is born only three hundred years ago, with the declaration of the Free Port. Three centuries for a city are definitely few.
Thus, we believe that the time we are living in only represents the childhood of Trieste. We have so much potential to grow. 2019 is the year in which the 300th anniversary of the formal act which in the first half of the XVIII century turned the original village of farmers and fishermen into one of the most busy ports of Europe and of the Mediterranean sea. 
We want to celebrate the historic anniversary without regret or longing but, instead, retrieving the spirit of progress which favoured that far-sighted act. It has been, at that time, a great investment in the future, and it is precisely about the future of Trieste that TS4 wants to deal with.   
We are interested in opening up new paths to make Trieste start its fourth century. To do so, we will elaborate methods of deep revision of urban spaces on the basis of environmental and social ecology. We will support mobility, commerce, research, giving priority to the human dimension of each path we will follow. 
Click here if you’re interested in taking part!

Click here if you’re interested in taking part!